Bandit Girl (盗賊の少女) is a girl that Tohru met back in her world.


She has brown, messy hair and blue eyes. She also has a scar on her right cheek. She wore a ragged tunic. She later is seen wearing a simple maid outfit.



Bandit Girl is the last human Tohru met in her world before the dragon embarked on her suicide mission against the gods. Tohru first encountered her hiding in the middle of some ruins. Bandit Girl claimed to be on the run at the time, after attacking a nobleman and witnessing her friends get captured afterwards. Tohru had no interest in the girl's backstory, and tried to kill her, but the girl was able to dodge Tohru's claws with ease. Tohru let Bandit Girl stay and chat with her for a while. Bandit Girl wondered what dragons were like, since they were able to fly and had lots of power. Tohru had never thought of herself as free up to this point, so she asked Bandit Girl what she would do if she had the freedom of dragons. Bandit Girl said she would become a maid, which confused Tohru as that meant enslaving oneself. Bandit Girl interpreted it differently, saying that freedom would have given her the choice of becoming a maid or staying a bandit. Once Bandit Girl was ready to leave, she asked if she could ride Tohru, to which the latter refused.

It is later revealed that Bandit Girl indeed grew up to be a maid.




  • She was not named.


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