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Elma and Love Talk is the one hundred and third chapter of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon.


Kobayashi asks Elma about Love.


After a long working day, Elma and Kobayashi end up going alone to the bar they frequent since Takiya will not be able to accompany them. Because of this, Kobayashi decides to bring up a new topic of conversation with Elma: Love.

Despite Kobayashi's effort to try to find some way to ask Elma if she has a boyfriend or "is interested in someone", the only response she receives from the dragon is just that "she likes to be with Kobayashi and Takiya" and after a long time Not knowing how to get the conversation going, Kobayashi gives up and decides to tell her about Tohru's intentions to go out for a day trip, to which Elma replies that she also wants to go and that she actually would like Kobayashi to go with her, to which Kobayashi refuses, claiming that she is a sedentary person.

Because she ended up asleep from the alcohol, Elma takes Kobayashi home, thanking her for everything while also asking for sorry. Once at the house, Tohru notices a strange behavior in Elma, but this distracts her saying that Kobayashi told her about her plans and that she would like her to go out to the bar together.