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Tohru and Encounter (トールと出会い) is the second chapter of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon.


A dragon suddenly shows up to Kobayashi's apartment, and she wants to be her maid.


Kobayashi is leaving for work when she suddenly sees a dragon outside her door. Kobayashi then suspects that this is just a dream. Kobayashi then invites the dragon inside of her apartment. The dragon then transforms into a human female, dressed up in a maid's outfit. Kobayashi begins to suspect that she may have met somewhere before. Tohru then informs Kobayashi that they had met yesterday. Kobayashi's head starts to hurt because of her hangover from last night, this causes her to remember that she got drunk and ran up the mountain where she met Tohru.

Kobayashi remembers that she asked Torhu is she wanted to come over to Kobayashi's apartment. Tohru pleased with such kind words asks Kobayashi if she could start working for her as a maid. Kobayashi refuses as she states that she currently cannot take someone in. Tohru pleads with Kobayashi saying that she can be useful. Kobayashi apologizes for making a promise that she could not keep. Tohru begins to leave Kobayahi's apartment when Kobayashi started feeling guilty. Kobayashi looks at the clock and realizes that her work starts in ten minutes. Kobayashi runs over to Tohru and asks her if Tohru can fly.

Tohru transforms into her dragon form to allow Kobayashi to fly with her on her back. Kobayashi exclaims that it is really fast, Tohru pretends to not to be able to hear it. Kobayashi then whispers to herself that she could take Tohru in. Tohru actually being able to hear Kobayashi all this time becomes excited.


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