Ilulu and Kobayashi is the thirty-sixth chapter of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon.


Ilulu wants to know what makes Kobayashi live so peacefully with Tohru


After a night of work, Kobayashi meets Ilulu on the road. At that moment, the young dragon wants to know what Kobayashi is up to about living with a dragon. However, Kobayashi being more concerned about returning, ends up ignoring her. Ilulu to make her react, tries to tease Kobayashi with her breasts, ignoring the fact that Kobayashi is a woman.

Ilulu follows Kobayashi to the train where he tries to talk to her more. But Kobayashi continues to ignore Ilulu and since the only reason the dragon comes to think that she is with Tohru is related to sex, the dragon casts a little spell on Kobayashi to prove her theory.

Upon arrival at her stop station, Kobayashi notices that Ilulu is gone and before continuing her journey, she decides to go to the bathroom, realizing that Ilulu has left her a "little surprise".



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