Chloe (Chloe クロエ) is a side character in Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, and Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Kanna no Nichijou. She is the daughter of an owner to a company.


She has yellow/golden hair like a bun, grey/blue eyes. She wears a white shirt with a black skirt and brown boots.



Not much is known, except that her father is the owner of big business.


After being saved by Kanna, she pays for a couple of hot dogs. They then spend the day doing various activities before being kidnapped by bad people. Kanna then comes to her rescue and saves her. After revealing that she had also run away from home Kanna helps Chloe return to her home in Minnesota.[1]


Kanna Kamui

After being saved by Kanna, the two quickly become friends and spend the day that they share together playing and enjoying food. She is then grateful that Kanna came to rescue her after she was kidnapped. Since she cannot speak Japanese she has Kanna interpret it for her.

Riko Saikawa

She immediately becomes friends with Saikawa because of her connections with Kanna. She accidentally insults Saikawa's house because of her perception of wealth.



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