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Year End, New Year! (No Comiket Bit This Time) (年末年始! (コミケネタありません)) Nenmatsu Nenshi! (Komike Neta Arimasen)) is the eleventh episode of the Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon anime.


The end of the year is drawing close as well. When Tohru plays the lottery at the shopping district, she wins a prize--a kotatsu, not the hot springs trip. Once they finally join Miss Kobayashi in the kotatsu, the dragons start lazing around... The kotatsu ruins not only humans, but dragons too. That relaxed, lazy mood is how Miss Kobayashi's family ends up spending their end of the year and the new year. Their peaceful days off pass by uneventfully. Meanwhile, Tohru and Kanna also change into kimono for their first shrine visit of the year--?!

Plot Overview

Kobayashi, Tohru, and Kanna all go to a shopping trip at the shopping district where they enter a raffle thanks to Tohru just so having enough tickets for three tries. For the first two tries, they win the consolation prize "Pocket Tissues" and on their third try win the 3rd place prize a Warm Kotatsu.

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At work, Yamashita informs a co-worker that he's going home to Hokkaido for the holidays and promises to bring back some Nama chocolates for everyone. Makoto then asks if Kobayashi will go home for the winter, but says no and asks if Makoto will, who says he'll be attending the Winter Comiket. Arriving home, Kobayashi sees both Kanna and Tohru completely enamored with their new Warm Kotatsu. With Kobayashi joining the two in the kotatsu, they talk about somethings and enjoy the warmth that the kotatsu has to offer. On the 29th, Tohru performs most of her maid duties while, in her off time, sits around the kotatsu with Kanna and Kobayashi. On the 30th, they make some mochi on the rooftop and after it settle back down underneath the kotatsu. Soon after, they're visited by their neighbors, Sasakibe, Yana, and Sone, each of whom give Tohru a new years present. In return, Tohru gives them some spare mochi that they made. When Tohru returns with Sone's present, which is a Rooster, Kobayashi explains to Kanna most of the Zodiac animals and Tohru helps out by naming all of them. They then talk about how upset Tohru is about the story behind the Chinese Zodiac, how the Dragon placed so far behind. Tohru then suggests that they fill out some New Years cards, something Kobayashi hadn't done in years.

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On the night of the 31st, Kobayashi and Tohru enjoy some noodles until Kanna asks Kobayashi to help put on her kimono so she can meet Riko at the temple. Wasting no time, Kobayashi dresses Kanna in her Kimono and after Tohru compliments how Kanna looks in hers, Kobayashi asks her if she wants to wear one too. Later outside, Tohru is shown to be wearing Kobayashi's old kimono as the group heads to the temple. Eventually they meet up with Riko and her sister Georgie along with Lucoa, Shouta, Elma, Makoto, and Fafnir. They all then attend the New Year festival and Lucoa, Kobayashi, Elma and Tohru enjoy some amazake. Later Fafnir, Makoto, Riko, Kanna, Shouta, and Georgie do some shopping at the temple store and Kanna gets an academic charm for herself. Fafnir gets himself an evil banishing charm in hopes to do some research on new curses. Both Kobayashi and Makoto briefly talk about Makoto's experience at the Winter Comitek, which was a hit, however, Fafnir didn't have the same luck. Just then, Elma asks about the fortune telling section and nearly everyone gets their fortune told. Completely oblivious, Tohru asks Kobayashi about her fortune which states that she's gotten a Great Curse, which dictates an ominous future for her. However, Kobayashi fibs and says that it's a great fortune. At that moment, the new year starts to close in and everyone starts to count down to the new year.

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Suspected that Riko has a cold, Kanna asks Kobayashi if she can warm herself underneath their kotatsu and Tohru suggests that everyone return to their apartment to warm up. While Shouta, Kanna, Riko, and Georgie rest in Kanna's room, everyone else enjoy some food that Tohru prepared. The following day, everyone watches the sunrise over the horizon from the rooftop. On January 2nd, a brief scene where Kobayashi tries to toss out an orange peel into a waste bucket, but fails and has to get out of the waste bucket. On January 3rd, watch the race on the tv while enjoying some bento boxes. They then watch as Kanna does her homework which is the first writing of the year and she decides to write Kotatsu. Right as Kanna suggests that Tohru write her own, Kobayashi gets a call from her mom who thanks her for her New Year's card. Finished with the phone call with her mom, Kobayashi returns to the kotatsu and sees that Tohru wrote down, Miss Kobayashi. Tohru then asks Kobayashi who called and upon hearing that it was her family, Tohru looked a bit sad, which Tohru notices. Afterward, as Kanna sleeps in her room, Kobayashi and Tohru relax in the kotatsu and talk about why Kobayashi doesn't visit her parents for the holidays. Kobayashi asks if Tohru will ever meet with her family, but she claims that her life is with Kobayashi.

Before heading off to work, Kobayashi gives both Kanna and Tohru New Years Money.


Adapted Chapters


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Anime and Manga Differences

  • This episode does not directly adapt any existing manga chapters, but does share the festival setting of Chapter 48 of the main series, and the New Year's Eve setting of Chapter 3 of Kanna's Daily Life.