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Emperor of Demise Arrives! (It Was the Final Episode Before We Knew It) ((終焉帝, 来る! (気がつけば最終回です) Shūentei, Kuru! (Kigatsukeba Saishukai desu)) is the thirteenth and final episode of the first season of the Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon anime.


A peaceful day off turns tumultuous as Tohru begins stressing over Miss Kobayashi's mortality and inevitable death! And to make matters worse, the Emperor of Demise suddenly appears?!

Plot Overview

S1E13 Dinner Time.png

A huge dragon flies across the sky while meanwhile Kobayashi, Kanna, and Tohru enjoy breakfast, unbeknownst to them of the huge dragon's presence.

S1E13 Kanna Saikawa In Field.png

Later in the park, Kanna spends time with Riko looking at and identifying flowers with Riko's flower language dictionary book. A book that her sister Georgie let her borrow. They find a flower called the Shepherd's Purse and Riko becomes flustered by the flower's language when she reads it. Its language is to offer one the who's receiving the flower everything they have and Riko offers it to a perplexed Kanna. Back at the house, Tohru prepares some coffee for Kobayashi and then heads to the shopping district to get some omurice ingredients for dinner. At the shopping district, Tohru passes by a tv store and her attention is caught by a tv show talking about the lifespan of a house house compared to a human. This triggers Tohru's inner doubt to appear in the form of her dragon body. It goads and tantalizes Tohru about her dark inner most doubts about her life with Tohru and her life back at her original world. However, Tohru refuses to succumb to her doubts and now high in the sky, Tohru's father Damocles in his human form confronts Tohru, telling her she must return to their world. Damocles then captures Tohru and transports her back to their world right as Kanna arrives at the scene. Kanna then immediately heads back home and informs Kobayashi of the situation involving Tohru being taking back to her world by her father. Kobayashi surprisingly handles the news in a bit of a confused yet despondent manner.

S1E13 Kobayashi Laying on Bed.png

Time passes by and life around the house is hard without Tohru there preparing everyone for the day. At work, Kobayashi is notably distracted which is noticed by Makoto. He asks her what's bugging her and she responds that Tohru has returned home back to her original world. Later that evening in the apartment, Kobayashi returns home with some bentos for dinner and after she and Kanna finish them, Kobayashi puts Kanna to bed and she takes a bath. Life in their household continues as they try and acclimate without Tohru there. Pulling off overtime in her job, Kobayashi is invited by Makoto to join him for some beers after work, but she declines. Meanwhile, at Riko's house Kanna sleeps in bed with Riko, Lucoa watches Shouta sleep, and Fafnir continues playing MMORPGs. All of them show a longing to see Tohru once again in their own way. Kobayashi returns home that's a complete mess and she laments over requesting omurice for dinner the day Tohru returned home.

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The next day, Kobayashi awakens by the sounds of her front door knocking and on the otherside was Tohru in her dragon form. Noting how she wouldn't be able to fit inside in her dragon form. After a brief talk between the two, Damocles appears in his human form and rebukes Tohru for returning to that world without permission. Damocles tries to reason with Tohru to return home with him, but she still refuses. Kobayashi then tries to speak up, but is struck by a small beam attack from Damocles who warns her to watch her words. Although distraught and disheveled, Kobayashi manages to get up and argue her feelings about Tohru's desire to stay with her. This infuriates Damocles who tries to launch an attack, but Tohru readies herself to counter it. Realizing the area they're in is too small, Damocles opens a portal back to his and Tohru's world to continue things and leaps into it while Tohru follows. In the otherworld, both Tohru and Damocles face off against each other until Kanna in her dragon form arrives with Kobayashi riding on her back. It's Kobayashi's eloquent and heart felt speech that she gives which allows Damocles to withdraw from the scene allowing Tohru to stay with Kobayashi. Tohru then tearfully embraces Kobayashi and promises to give her everything.

S1E13 Sitting on Train.png

Life returns to normal and Kobayashi decides to visit her family and invites both Tohru and Kanna to come along. Eventually, they all take a subway train to Kobayashi's hometown where her parents live.


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Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the anime, Damocles does not show up at Kobayashi's apartment at first. Instead, he freezes time and takes Tohru back to the other world while she is out shopping for Kobayashi. After Tohru returns to Kobayashi's apartment by herself, Damocles follows her back and threatens to kill Kobayashi. This leads to their fight in the other world, which Kobayashi stops by riding on Kanna towards the portal before it closes. In the manga, neither Kobayashi nor Tohru move between worlds at all.
  • The anime also shows Quetzalcoatl, Fafnir and Elma observing Damocles' arrival and prophecy. Elma had not been introduced as a character when Chapters 19 and 20 were first published.