Georgie Saikawa (才川ジョージー Saikawa Jōjī) is the older sister of Riko Saikawa and alias to her real name, Nae Saikawa. She often likes to pretend to be a housemaid.


Georgie wears an orange polka-dot maid outfit with a white apron. She also has a white cap and has her red hair in twin-pigtails. Her stockings are black striped.


Georgie is a sweet and gentle lady. She always supports Riko and her family. She seems to know a lot about maids and has a huge passion for them. She mentions that she's wanted to be one since she was a kid when she read a book about maids.



Georgie first appears in episode 6/chapter 29, introducing herself as a maid of the Saikawa residence. After declaring that she had wanted to meet Tohru all this time, Georgie invites Tohru and Kobayashi to her room. There, Georgie and Kobayashi take up most of the conversation, causing Tohru to flee to Riko's room before being held back. While Kobayashi, Tohru and Kanna make their way home, it is revealed that Georgie is Riko's older sister and "merely a maid fanatic".

In episode 9, Georgie watches the Sports Festival at school, along with her parents, in order to cheer on Riko.

In episode 11, Georgie attends the First Shrine with Riko. Georgie is handed the first fortune from a jar of omikuji: a great blessing. Georgie later watches the first sunrise of the year with Riko at the rooftop of Kobayashi's apartment block.

In episode 13, it is mentioned that Georgie owns a flower language book. Georgie also welcomes Kanna to sleep over in her sister's room, a few nights after Tohru was taken home. At the end of the episode, Georgie mentions preparing chocolates for Kanna's next visit to her place.

In chapter 50, Georgie cosplays as the mascot of an amusement park.



Riko and Georgie seem very close considering that they're sisters.


Georgie and Kobayashi automatically have a close bond as soon as they meet as they both share an interest in maids.


Tohru doesn't seem to appreciate Georgie and shows jealousy as she sees her as a rival in impersonating a maid and win over Kobayashi.



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