Kimun Kamui (Kimun Kamui キムンカムイ) is the father of Kanna Kamui.


Kimun's Dragon Form

In his human form, Kimun is a large set man with black hair. While in his dragon form he takes on a large, bear-shaped appearance, with two horns coming out the top of his head.



Kimun didn’t care about raising Kanna as a daughter instead as a fellow comrade, so she ended up breaking one of the Dragon Balls as a prank. As a result, Kimun ended up abandoning Kanna in a field.


Powers and Abilities


Kanna Kamui

Kimun has very little knowledge of being a father to Kanna and considers her a "comrade" instead of a daughter. They reconcile after Azad's defeat, with Kimun allowing her daughter to choose where she wants to live, and promising to visit her from time to time.


He and Kobayashi share a taste when it comes to sake, but they completely disagree on the way to raise Kanna.


Kimun initially came to the human world with Azad; the latter helping to negotiate with Kobayashi over the return of Kanna. Kimun is then shown to still be friendly with Azad, allowing him access to his residence in the dragon world. But when the truth is revealed about Azad, Kimun turns against him, buying time for Kanna to escape before he himself is controlled by the dragon ball.


Despite the close bond their daughters share with each other, Kimun and Damocles have no apparent relation other than being fellow members of the Chaos faction. They appear alongside each other for the first time in chapter 83, after Kobayashi's promotion to her new role as a mediator between the human and dragon worlds.


  • Kimun's dragon form is likely a reference to the Ainu culture of seeing bears as divine figures or as gods, due to the fact his dragon form resembles a large bear with horns.


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