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Makoto Takiya (滝谷 真 Takiya Makoto) is a supporting character in Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon.

He is Kobayashi's friend and her coworker in Jigokumeguri System Engineering Inc. 


Takiya is a tall man with a slim build. He has black hair and dark blue eyes.

His office attire typically consists of a white button-down shirt, dark slacks, a blue necktie, and brown leather shoes.

Once he reverts to his otaku self, he dons a pair of glasses with swirls on the lenses and somehow develops buck teeth. His voice also gets a bit more high pitched too.


Takiya is good-natured and even-tempered (he takes surprises in stride), and is considerate of others by lending a helping hand[1].

As a closet otaku, he can be especially passionate and loud about his interests.

When drunk, he and Kobayashi usually argue, ranting about maids and other things, and he sometimes calls Tohru's outfit "Cosplay".


While sober and outside the comfort of his home, Takiya appears to be no different from an average office worker. He works alongside Kobayashi as a computer programmer in Jigokumeguri System Engineering Inc.

Ep1 Takiya turns otaku

Takiya's inner nerd awakens

Besides working as a programmer, he also works as a mangaka and a game developer in his spare time, selling his products at Comiket.




After Takiya accepts Tohru's request to allow Fafnir to live with him, he and Fafnir quickly become friends by bonding over video games, cooking, and literature. They also share an interest in magical girls. Over time, they become comfortable enough around each other that Fafnir allows Takiya to call him Faf-kun, a nickname of sorts.


Kobayashi appears to be one of the few people who knows about Takiya's hobby as an otaku. As a maid otaku herself, they get along well in and outside of work.


Takiya takes Tohru's disapproval of him in stride and continues to treat her kindly.


  • He ends his sentences with "-de yansu".
  • In the Manga, his hair is longer. However, his hair becomes shorter over time, making him look more like his anime counterpart.


  1. Episode 9. He offers to help Kobayashi with her work.
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