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Makoto Takiya (滝谷 真 Takiya Makoto) is a supporting character in Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon.

He is Kobayashi's friend and her coworker in Jigokumeguri System Engineering Inc. 


Takiya is a tall man with a slim build. He has black hair and dark blue eyes.

His office attire typically consists of a white button-down shirt, dark slacks, a blue necktie, and brown leather shoes.

Once he reverts to his otaku self, he dons a pair of glasses with swirls on the lenses and somehow develops buck teeth. His voice also gets a bit more high pitched too.


Takiya is good-natured and even-tempered (he takes surprises in stride), and is considerate of others by lending a helping hand[1].

As a closet otaku, he can be especially passionate and loud about his interests.

When drunk, he and Kobayashi usually argue, ranting about maids and other things, and he sometimes calls Tohru's outfit "Cosplay".


While sober and outside the comfort of his home, Takiya appears to be no different from an average office worker. He works alongside Kobayashi as a computer programmer in Jigokumeguri System Engineering Inc.

Takiya's inner nerd awakens

Besides working as a programmer, he also works as a mangaka and a game developer in his spare time, selling his products at Comiket.


Takiya is first introduced in episode 1/chapter 4 as Kobayashi's colleague at work. They leave the office together that day. After meeting up with Tohru, they go to the tavern to drink. Takiya initially discusses job-related issues with Kobayashi, but both soon become drunk and rant over maids and cosplay in front of Tohru. Tohru and Takiya leave the tavern after Kobayashi falls unconscious to drink; this is when Tohru reveals her dragon form to Takiya and leaves after becoming undetected.

In episode 2/chapter 7, Takiya hears of Kobayashi's new member of her household, Kanna. In episode 3/chapter 8, Takiya is invited to a party at Kobayashi's apartment and meets Kanna for the first time. He plays a video game on Kobayashi's console and lets the visiting Fafnir play the same game as well. Later that night, he rants at Kobayashi over butlers.

In episode 5, Takiya asks for Kobayashi's help at work but is refused because Kobayashi had taken a call from the off-sick Yamashita whose program she has to prioritize. Later, Tohru visits Takiya's home with Fafnir and asks if Fafnir can stay. Fafnir asks if there are other video games like the one they played at Kobayashi's house party. Takiya accepts Tohru's request and also shows Fafnir his collection.

In episode 6, Fafnir helps Takiya with the latter's video game development. Takiya also plays with Fafnir. They then visit a video game store together; Kobayashi and Tohru notice them from the other side of the road.

In episode 7/chapter 17, Takiya participates at Comiket to sell his Water Dragon Shrine series of books, enlisting the assistance of Kobayashi and Tohru due to Fafnir also participating as a circle. At the end of the day, Takiya thanks Kobayashi and Tohru for their help while also asking if they would be available over the winter, to which Tohru refuses.

In episode 9/chapter 34, Takiya notices Kobayashi worry about the Sports Festival (anime) / Parents Day (manga), which would happen at the same time they are supposed to deliver a project. On the day before the event, Kobayashi and Takiya are the only ones still at work in the evening. Kobayashi decides to go to the following day's event and passes coffee candy to Takiya after he agrees to be in charge of project delivery.

In episode 10, Takiya and Kobayashi watch the performance of The Little Match Girl at the retirement home. After the show, Takiya proposes an afterparty at Kobayashi's apartment.

In episode 11, on his and Kobayashi's last day of work for the year, Takiya mentions participating at Winter Comiket during the winter break. At the First Shrine visit on New Year's Eve, Takiya mentions selling out again. Takiya then has an after-midnight feast at Kobayashi's apartment before going up to the rooftop to witness the first sunrise of the year.

In episode 12, Takiya returns home in rain having forgotten to bring his umbrella. Fafnir had laid out clean clothes for him, but requests that they go on "guerrilla warfare" first.

In episode 13, Takiya is informed of Tohru's disappearance, the day after it happened. Several days later, Takiya offers to cheer Kobayashi up with a drinks night, but she refuses.

In the OVA, Takiya reveals he received two pieces of chocolate from colleagues during the day. He later comes home to Fafnir sending him a "Valentine's Blade" over the game they're playing. A few days later, Takiya books a spa resort trip for Kobayashi, Elma and all their dragon friends, covering for a group that had cancelled.



After Takiya accepts Tohru's request to allow Fafnir to live with him, he and Fafnir quickly become friends by bonding over video games, cooking, and literature. They also share an interest in magical girls. Over time, they become comfortable enough around each other that Fafnir allows Takiya to call him Faf-kun, a nickname of sorts.


Kobayashi appears to be one of the few people who knows about Takiya's hobby as an otaku. As a maid otaku herself, they get along well in and outside of work.


Takiya takes Tohru's disapproval of him in stride and continues to treat her kindly.


  • He ends his sentences with "-de yansu".
  • In the Manga, his hair is longer. However, his hair becomes shorter over time, making him look more like his anime counterpart.


  1. Episode 9. He offers to help Kobayashi with her work.
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