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Mr. and Mrs. Saikawa (才川 家族 Saikawa Kazoku) are Riko and Georgie's parents in Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. They're seen during the Sports Festival alongside Georgie supporting their younger daughter at the event. They're yet to be officially named in the manga.


Mrs. Saikawa's physical aspect is identical to Riko's such as the brown wavy hair and green eyes while Mr. Saikawa has a long mustache, gray hair, and sideburns.


Not much is known about them besides the sports festival but when seen, some traits are visible. Mrs. Saikawa seems very supportive and cheerful for her family while Mr. Saikawa is more serious and fervorous.


Riko Saikawa

Not much is known about how well their relationship is going, however, it can be assumed their parents are quite supportive since they've come to the sports festival and cheered for her.

Georgie Saikawa

Georgie and her parents are seen together cheering for Riko so this may mean they are in good terms.

Kanna Kamui

Being in the same class and team as Riko, she is also seen cheered by Mr. and Mrs. Saikawa.


  • Mr. Saikawa's fiery spirit and appearance are akin to a Japanese samurai.


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