Sasakibe (Sasakibe 笹木部) is one of Kobayashi's neighbors.


Sasakibe has dark green eyes and brown hair. Her hair is usually in a ponytail with the end hanging off her shoulder.


She is very friendly to Kobayashi, Kanna, and Tohru.


Sasakibe lives in the apartment to the right of Kobayashi, numbered 401 in the anime. In her debut appearance, she apologizes to Tohru for the loudness of her cooking, and offers stewed rapeseed blossoms as compensation. Sasakibe then argues with Kobayashi's other neighbors, Yana and Sone, claiming that Sone's drilling is too loud.

In episode 11, Sasakibe offers sweet potato candy with chestnuts in exchange for some of Tohru's extra mochi.

In chapter 43, Tohru joins Sasakibe on a neighborhood patrol. Sasakibe witnesses Tohru drive away three troublemakers with as little force as possible. When Elma runs into Tohru and misunderstands her role, Sasakibe offers to relinquish her role to Elma and return home.

In chapter 60, Sasakibe asks about Tohru's hobbies. Sasakibe says that she recently got into baking sweets for her husband.



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