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Shouta Magatsuchi (真ヶ土 翔太 Magatsuchi Shōta) is a supporting character in Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon and one of the main characters in Kobayashi-san-chi no Maid Dragon: Lucoa wa Boku no xx Desu. He is a young boy born into a family of mages in the modern world.


Shouta is an elementary school boy with both purple hair and eyes, his bangs reach well below his eyebrows. His appearance looks somewhat androgynous.


Shouta is quite a shy person most of the time when being with Lucoa. When Lucoa attempts to seduce Shouta, he would run away with embarrassment and accuse Lucoa of being a demon.


Born into a family of mages, Shouta has shown to possess enough knowledge on the arcane arts to attempt summoning a demon. However, aside from setting up the summoning ritual, he has yet to show the full extent of his abilities until his exams in England and the spin-off series shared with Lucoa.


In episode 6/chapter 27, Shouta comes home only to see Lucoa having invited Kobayashi and Tohru to help convince him that she isn't a demon. After Kobayashi questions Shouta's motive for summoning Lucoa, Shouta apologizes to Lucoa, who interprets this as wanting her to leave. Lucoa tries convincing Shouta how she can be useful, but ends up seducing Shouta and only convincing him that she is a demon.

In episode 7, Lucoa and Shouta join Kobayashi, Tohru and Kanna at the beach. Shouta admits he would rather be indoors but only came with Kobayashi because his father, who is Kobayashi's boss at work, asked if she would look after him.

In episode 8, Shouta has several dreams at night in which he interacts with things that turn out to be Lucoa's breasts.

In episode 9, Shouta participates in the Sports Festival at school, winning some events with the help of Lucoa, who some of his classmates believe is Shouta's older sister.

In episode 10, Shouta is initially cast as The Little Match Girl after Lucoa agreed to direct the play. He runs away in embarrassment. Shouta is not initially involved in the first rehearsal of the play. He is eventually cast as the hat-selling old man from Kasajizou, who later asks to become a magical girl.

In episode 11, Shouta attends the First Shrine with Lucoa during New Year's Eve. He refuses Lucoa's offer to buy charms for him. At the end of the episode, Shouta ends up dreaming of Lucoa dressed in Mt. Fuji, hawk and eggplant costumes.

In episode 12, Shouta throws beans at Lucoa wearing an oni mask. After doing some more research, he calls for Lucoa outside the house, who was petting a cat.

In the OVA, Shouta first catches Lucoa making chocolate-coated versions of her naked body. He then travels with the rest of the main cast to the spa resort. At the gift shop of the spa resort, Shouta looks at a keychain, refusing Lucoa's offer to buy it for him. Takiya buys said keychain for Shouta instead.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic: Although his magical capacity has not been shown, it is reasonably known that he has enough knowledge and power to attempt summoning a demonic familiar. It is later revealed in the series and his spin-off that he is proficient with a Teleportation and Sleep spell, enough to take down an older wizard within a short moment after the latter badmouths Lucoa. He has also been using presence concealment spells to avoid being tracked by the dragons.



She is one of the closest women to the growing Shouta. She came out of the summoning portal Shouta created, scared that some evil demon would pop-up and take advantage of it, but in all actuality, she was just bored and curious as to where it led. When Lucoa is around, Shouta is never seen without a blushed face. Her natural breast size overclocks the libido of the young child enough as to where on several occasions, Shouta is seen to boil up red(has a super red face). Lucoa finds him truly cute and toys with him unknowingly. Shota has often tried to reject Lucoa's friendly and affectionate gestures and teasing.

Their relationship is further explored in Chapter 46 when Shouta explodes from Lucoa's teasing and tries to find a weakness. Shouta expresses how he feels Lucoa is just fooling around with him and doesn't see him who he is. Lucoa reveals to Shouta how much he means to her by explaining how lonely she was until he called her through his summoning and was happy to hear his words, "Please come to me". Lucoa expresses how she doesn't want to lose her place with Shouta and loves how the boy always tries his best and sees his potential as a great wizard. Shouta is shown to be happy hearing such a comment but still wishes that Lucoa wouldn't always treat him like a child. 

As seen in later episodes and chapters, Shouta starts showing affection for Lucoa and is scared that she will leave him for a whimsical reason. Another example is when Kobayashi asked if Shota likes Lucoa, he became rather flustered but also disturbed when also asked if Lucoa were to get close to his other classmates. During a Magic duel, Shota showed a more serious, if not scary, side towards a mage who insulted Lucoa.


As one of his father's employees, he is sometimes left under her care[2] though this likely has more to do with Kobayashi's association with Lucoa rather than having anything to do with work.

Kanna Kamui and Riko Saikawa

Aside from attending the same elementary school and having shared acquaintances, not much interaction is shown between them. In episode 10, Shouta is briefly seen handing out steamed buns to the two.