Taketo Aida (Aida Taketo あいだ タケト) is Ilulu's friend and co-worker.


Taketo is a high school student with rather unkempt hair. He is usually seen wearing a high school uniform.


He at first displayed a rather conscious disposition as he was suspicious of Ilulu before meeting her and right afterward. However, he's shown to be supportive and kind as he's willing to go out of his way to lend a helping hand.




When Taketo first met Ilulu the first thing that he noticed was her adult-sized breasts. He was suspicious of Ilulu when she first started working, however, he started liking her after he witnessed her working at the store. He has enjoyed Ilulu's company since but gets easily flustered by her lack of common decency and teasing. In Chapter 89 he protected Ilulu, and it made her heart feel heavy.


  • His nickname is Take.


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