Tatsuta (辰田) is a minor character of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. He runs a butchery in Oborozuka Shopping District.




Tatsuta first appears to Tohru and Kobayashi in chapter 5 of the manga (episode 2 of the anime), greeting Tohru politely.

In episode 10, Tatsuta appears at his butchery with his left foot wrapped in a cast, explaining to Tohru that he injured himself while rehearsing for a retirement home's annual Christmas Eve show. He asks if Tohru can put on a show in his place, and Tohru accepts.

In episode 12, Tatsuta offers Tohru a discount on his cheapest cuts of meat as thanks for holding the Christmas Eve show but Tohru refuses. She had tried to haggle for a discount on Tatsuta's more expensive cuts.


  • He is unnamed in the manga.


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