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Telne (Telne テルネ) is the "number two" of the Harmony Faction and Elma's grandmother.


In her human form, she is a short dragon who resembles Elma, wearing a long-sleeved shirt with the arms tucked upwards, and a long skirt. Her clothes are based on latest trend and preference of how she like cute things. Her horn sticks upward over her right eye. Her hair is tied in two pig tails.


She acts younger then she appears that she called herself Elma's older sister, though Kimun and Elma calls her a granny. She also loves cute things and enjoys being treated as a child.

As a member of the Harmony Faction, she appears to hold their creed that dragons should not disrupt the order of the world. However, she is shown to be rather lax towards this ideal and is willing to forgive if it's cute. She also prefers to avoid conflict under pretense of being a member of the Harmony Faction.


Not much is known about Telne, except that she knows both Kimun and Damocles, and wanted to meet Kobayashi just because it sounded "interesting".

Powers and Abilities

As the number two member of the Harmony Faction, it suggests that she holds a higher form of authority over them.

It is also hinted she is extremely powerful such as clearing the skies in the shape of a cross with only her fingers. She was also able to easily defeat Tohru in a duel.



Unlike Tohru's and Kanna's parent figures, Telne is shown to be both caring and considerate towards Elma and her needs. She finds Elma cute and wants to pamper her, but tries to be stern with her such as lamenting and lecturing Elma's actions for bringing various kinds of disorder to the human world despite being a member of the Harmony Faction and even threaten to take Elma back. However, it is shown she wasn't that serious on the matter and just wanted to check out her granddaughter and understood why Elma likes the human world.

She prefers Elma to call her sister instead of grandma.


  • Telne is currently the only Dragon parent figure who hasn't revealed her true dragon form