If you need something, feel free to hit me up in the message board.

If you do message me and I don't respond quickly it is because wikia switching the wiki to UCP, I don't get an email about the notification. I will try to reply as soon as I see it.

If you do message me and we finish our discussion, but have a new issue to talk about, start it in a new message. I usually lock old ones that are finished and it keeps things organized and not having discussions in multiple spots.

Season 2 Editing

I am hoping that there will be other people helping with the editing and adding information with the new episodes coming out and that it wont be only me making contributions. If it happens to be just me then it the pages will still be made, just potentially updated slower.

Other Bureaucrats

Just me, I am looking for other Sysop's that make quality contributions and are at least somewhat active. Mostly meaning the new chapters when they get translated and not me making them many days later due to being busy with work ect. Don't ask for the position (even though I did ask to be promoted to Bureaucrat when I was a Sysop, though I proved I was able to be one), cause most likely I will see your work and you wont have to ask.

Vandalism Rules

  • Poor Edit = Warning
  • Intentional Vandalism = 1 Month ban or 1 Year Ban depending on severity
  • Repeat Intentional Vandalism = Permanent Ban

I take Vandalism very seriously.

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