Miss Kobayashi is screwed.

Iruru is involved in the destroying of Omaha beach, using a gas bomb attack. After D-Day, the other dragons must stop her.  Miss Kobayashi uses a Steuyr AUG. Lucoa uses an M134 Minigun and an armored car. Lastly Elma uses a handy dandy sentry gun and shells. They decide to attack the base of the Nazis, which are allied with Iruru in a similar way as the villains are on the same side as the Nazis in Indiana Jones. Starting their attack, Kobayashi serves as a sentry and finds that the base is guarded by multiple Nazi riflemen, most of them equipped with AK-47s and petrul bombs. Miss Kobayashi fires her Stteuyr AUG at the Nazis, killing them. Their heads explode into a thick mess of blood, bone, organ and brain matter, staining the walls and floors of the exterior. A laser diode is pointed at the doors, as Miss Kobayashi runs away. Elma fires a grenade at the doors of the base, blowing them straight off of the hingies. Lucoa uses the gun truck to take out various Nazis inside, resulting in piles of bodies and an ultimate bloodbath. After 400 Nazis have been taken out, Lucoa is grazed across the eye, and loses control of the truck, causing it to crash into a wall. Coming out of the smoking wreckage, she is found by the Nazis and has the s*** beaten out of here, causing blood to splatter. Eventually, she has had enough, and unpins a fragmentation grenade, killing the Nazis and sending chunks of gore everywhere. Elma fires another aerial shell at the base, causing the ceiling to explode. As Miss Kobayashi is cornered and about to be killed by the Nazis, Elma charges in with a Atchisson Assault Shotgun, with a bowie knife attatched as a makeshift bayonet, and starts blasting. Various Nazi soldiers get their heads exploded, while others are torn in half by the blast. Suddenly, Elma is split in half by an explosion, blood staining Miss Kobayashi's face. It turns out to be a result of a turret used by Iruru, who dares Kobayashi to fight her. After this, Iruru continues firing her turret, blowing Elma's corpses into an unrecognizable mush. Taking an M1911A1 from a fallen Nazi, Kobayashi approaches Iruru, who presses the big red button and activates most of the world's atomic bombs. Miss Kobayashi shoots Iruru until she's dead, and commits suicide with her last bullet. The earth is finally blown back into the caveman days.

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