The anime was announced in manga volume 4, released in May 2016. It aired during the Winter 2017 season between January and April that year.

A second season was announced in manga volume 8, released in February 2019. Were it not for the Kyoto Animation arson attack, the second season would have been on track for a Winter 2020 season air date. If volume 10, due to be released this summer, announces any further news on the anime, it may be assumed that the second season will arrive in Summer 2021.

My predictions

  • Unlikely to have anime-exclusive episodes; there is now the main series, three spin-offs and an anthology to adapt
  • Ilulu introduction can be as late as the fourth episode of this series. Several main series chapters can be adapted without Ilulu as seen with ch 34 (ep 9) and ch 33 (OVA). The chapters that can be adapted before Ilulu appears are: 35, 41-44, 46, 47, 49, 50, 53, 54, 59 and 61.
  • Ilulu will not genderbend Kobayashi in the anime. Her debut episode can span chapters 30, 31, 36 and 38 within 22 minutes of airtime without problem.
  • The end of the Japanese academic year in mid-March can be focused upon. In my opinion, this would be how Kanna and Saikawa decide to go to an amusement park (ch 50), rather than Kanna hearing about it on TV.
  • "Maid Café Cozy" was the inspiration for Tohru's maid outfit in episode 1; the manga never tells us where she got the maid outfit from. So, chapter 47 can be adapted to have Tohru get her maid café job from "Maid Café Cozy" instead, with the uniform there having changed after the maid café's manager had heard about Tohru's heroics at the shopping district. Chapter 47 also assumes Kobayashi is an insider to Tohru's magic; instead, the adaptation can leave out magic except as an inferred plot device for Tohru's impressive work at the maid café.  
  • Elma's return to the anime can be delayed until the second episode, which will focus on her through chapters 35, 53 and 59, as well as chapter 12 of Kanna's Daily Life.
  • Chapter 42 is the one where Kobayashi gets sick. The anime can adapt this to a more realistic setting by leaving out the end part where Kobayashi grows cat ears. Chapter 41 could be adapted to occur in the middle of Kobayashi's sick leave, while the episode as a whole can also include Saikawa's period of sickness in chapter 42 of Kanna's Daily Life.
  • Since Tohru returns to her world to get the cure for Kobayashi, the Ilulu debut can happen after chapter 42's adaptation, and Kobayashi can use this observation to cut short the segment in which she would have "investigated" the landslide that occurred at the start of chapter 30.
  • The episode after Ilulu's debut would focus on her getting used to life on Earth (or "Kobayashi's world"). Chapters 39 and 45 to be exact. Several scenes can be expanded upon, for example, Tohru going clothes shopping with Ilulu (after the latter manages to develop human hands of her own)
  • An episode after this would see Ilulu finally settle in by getting her job at the candy store (this would also mark Aida Taketo's debut).  Chapters 51, 52 and 63 would be adapted, with some expansion if necessary. Chapter 51 would have Tohru claim Ilulu has no desire to be a maid, rather than stubbornly refusing to give up her duty.
  • Chapters 46, 54 and 61 which focus on Shouta, Fafnir and Lucoa can be adapted into their own episode. Chapters 43, 49 and potentially 60 also become one episode. Both would occur before or after Ilulu gets her job, but definitely after Ilulu's debut. 
  • The episode after this adapts Chapters 55, 57 and 58, but with Damocles shown to be more powerful in the anime than he is in the manga, his direct conversation with Kobayashi at her boss' workplace may be more civil and show his change of heart; this would lead to Tohru's version of events, and Kobayashi's awareness of the dragon war potentially coming to "her world".
  • The episode after this adapts Chapters 56, 65 and 66, in which Kobayashi learns magic and passes the exam. "England" will not be mentioned.
  • The last three episodes of the season adapts chapters 67 to 78 in order, with other dragons potentially appearing and having a role (especially Damocles and Clemene). The season finale may very well be a direct take on Kanna's (delayed) return "home". 
  • Finally, the OVA focuses on Tohru and Elma's rivalry in Chapters 44, 64 and 86. I'm not expecting Chloe, Telne or any other characters exclusive to the spinoffs to appear. Maybe Kobayashi's own mother appears in person?
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