Yana is one of Kobayashi's neighbors.


Yana has yellow and green hair, with one long side and two barrettes. He has dark orange eyes. He wears a long earring on one ear.


Yana is a death metal guitarist. He interprets Tohru's feedback of his music, "Hades crushing Hercules", as a compliment.


Yana lives in the apartment to the left of Kobayashi, numbered 403 in the anime. In his debut appearance, he lets Tohru listen to his music. Tohru then asks him to keep the noise down because Kobayashi has a hangover. He later argues with Kobayashi's other neighbors, Sasakibe and Sone, claiming that the "creepy noise" Sasakibe makes is too loud.

In episode 11, Yana exchanges extra mandarin oranges for some extra mochi that Tohru pounded.

In chapter 60, Tohru visits Yana for ideas on hobbies. Tohru learns how to play the guitar, and masters it very quickly, to Yana's astonishment.

In chapter 33 of Kanna's Daily Life, Yana offers Kanna and Saikawa a session in a music studio.



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